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Video-Sound Installation, Three 8 min. loops (1999)

Close to the Bone is a three channel video and sound installation that uses transcendent images of the powerful motion of horses, man, fire and water to explore impressions of union and surrender to the unknown. Man and horse combine and separate, move toward each other and apart in a slow medley of gradual transformation. Visual experiments with tempo propel viewers into a slow meditation on time and renewal.

Viewers enter a darkened room with three projectors. One projects images of horses running in slow motion onto a horse skull. The second is fire and ocean undulating at varied tempi on a large, round stone. The stone stands in front of an upturned tree root with shadow cast on the wall behind. The third projects a man running, accelerating and decelerating, in a perpetual race with himself, horses and time. Thoroughbreds run, hypnotically mirrored in a surreal lake of sky.

Three channel video installation with three projectors, horse skull, tree roots, rocks.
Mara Alper: Writer - Producer - Director

Hank Roberts: Cello

Paedor Stirling: Didgeridoo

Gerald Wolfe: Running Man

Westbeth Gallery, NYC (1999)
Private Mythologies Group Show
Curator: Elisa Decker

Handwerker Gallery, Ithaca, NY (2000)

Coburn Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO (2000)

Saratoga Arts Center (2002)

Experimental Television Center
in conjunction with the
New York State Council on the Arts

Roy H. Park School of Communications,
Ithaca College