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Video-Sound Installation, 4 min. loop (2002)

Lost Voices is a video-sound installation with projection on two stones. It is a meditation on the desire for permanence and the inevitability of change expressed through petroglyphs, hieroglyphs, and ancient alphabets mixed with the murmurs of ancient languages. The stones reveal their memory of human life passing by.

Images from the lost civilizations of Crete, Egypt, Sumeria and cave dwellers in Europe and Africa evoke lost voices. Images of ocean waves roll across two stones as viewers hear Greek, Burmese, Gaelic, Yoruba and Tibetan people speak about their language, all lost or threatened with loss for political reasons.

Living voices on dead stone, pictures followed by more complex pictures followed by letters, each punctuated by fire or water, whole cultures washed away by fire, by water. Yours only the latest voice in this polyphony of fragments, each, we feel as we watch your installation, uttering a yearning, each alive with beauty and desire, each alive to the possibility of making stones speak, not just to their own present, but to all the futures that may come.”

—David Kramer, author/professor, Ithaca, NY

The Arts Center at Saratoga (2002)

Handwerker Gallery, Ithaca (2003)

Mara Alper: Video - Audio - Design

Lenelle N. Moise: Narration

Raymond Ghirardo: Technical Support

David McFarren: Structural Support

Experimental Television Center
in conjunction with the
New York State Council on the Arts

James B. Pendleton Fund,
Roy H. Park School of Communications,
Ithaca College