Documentary, 28 min. (2006)

A psychological and philosophical approach to forgiveness is told through four powerful stories from a prisoner, a recovering alcoholic, a grieving mother and a renowned world leader, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

It has been used successfully in classrooms, community centers, prisons, mental health centers, alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, alternatives to incarceration programs, campus ministry programs and by therapists, psychologists and in spiritual healing practices.

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Regaining Well-Being Through Forgiveness

In our culture, we often hear the phrase, "Forgive and forget." But it isn't about forgetting. It is about regaining the energy tied up in anger and hurt, and using it for far better purposes. Forgiveness is a choice that allows us to heal on our own, without the offender apologizing or even acknowledging their part. We can also choose to forgive ourselves; sometimes this is even harder than forgiving another.

During these workshops, you will experience a forgiveness process through a blend of meditation, discussion, journaling and gentle movement to guide you toward a softened heart and healing. Mara inadvertently became an expert in forgiveness because of her life circumstances and her unwillingness to let the past deflate her life energy any longer.

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